Join the largest fair in

Abidjan - Ivory Coast

24 October 2017

12 pm - 5 pm


Ivory Coast

WHEN & WHERE / 24 October 2017, Latrille Events Ivoire, Ivory Coast

We are delighted to announce the first edition of the Worldview Education Fair in Abidjan, Ivory Coast this year. Worldview Education Fair is dedicated to helping institutions recruit prospective international students from Ivory Coast. This fair is open to all institutions worldwide, helping you meet and recruit a wide pool of quality potential students.

Many fairs and exhibitions focus only on recruiters from a specific country, thereby attracting a limited pool of students with predetermined interests in those specific study destinations. The Worldview Education Fair brings institutions from all around the world to one place; giving students more opportunities and options, thereby attracting a larger, more diverse pool of students. For recruiters, this exhibition provides an opportunity to improve their reach and brand awareness; marketing to a larger number of students and alongside some well-known institutions.

The Worldview Education Fair 2017 will take place at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan, Ivory Coast and is a one day event open to all institutions worldwide, drawing a larger pool of students by giving them several options to fit their price, location and course requirements. Students are encouraged to come with all the necessary documentation in order to allow them to make immediate applications to institutions.


Event & Location Day & Date Early Bird Rate (Closes 31st July)  Standard Rate
Abidjan Exclusive Seminar Tuesday – October 24, 2017 £125 £185
Abidjan Education Fair Tuesday – October 24, 2017 £1,649  £1,899 

The rates include the following package and entitlement

    • A table average on size L 120 cm X W 50 cm, electric extension, two chair and waste basket
    • Lunch and coffee break incl. hot and cold snacks during the education fair
    • Two representatives allowed per booth and provided free visa support letter
    • Recognition as fair participant in comprehensive marketing and promotion campaign
    • Listing and logo on all flyers, advertisements, banner, publication, etc.
    • Free exhibitor profile on the fair landing page
    • Sponsored & targeted   post on our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram “Save NOW 400 £ “
    • Customised e-newsletter sent to all registered students before and after the fair “Save NOW 250 £ “
    • Half-page, full-colour advertisement profile in the event guide “ SAVE NOW 300 £ “
    • Great News! Now you can earn rewards for each fair you participate in and you can use the points for any of Worldview services or fairs
Deux plateaux, Carrefour Duncan, Cocody, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire is a West African country with beach resorts, rainforests and a French-colonial legacy. Abidjan, on the Atlantic coast, is the country’s major urban center. Its modern landmarks include zigguratlike, concrete La Pyramide and St. Paul’s Cathedral, a swooping structure tethered to a massive cross. North of the central business district, Banco National Park is a rainforest preserve with hiking trails.

In Cote d’Ivoire, the academic year begins in October and ends in July, and the official primary school entrance age is 6. The system is structured so that the primary school cycle lasts 6 years, lower secondary lasts 4 years, and upper secondary lasts 3 years. Cote d’Ivoire has a total of 3,754,000 pupils enrolled in primary and secondary education. Of these pupils, about 2,921,000 (78%) are enrolled in primary education. the highest level of education reached by youth ages 15-24 in Cote d’Ivoire.

Is the largest city, the economic and former official capital of Côte d’Ivoire (Yamoussoukro is the official capital.) The city characterized by a high level of industrialization and urbanization. The population of Abidjan proper was 3,796,677. It the third-largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris and Kinshasa.

Abidjan flourished along with the country under the ideologically moderate leadership of Félix Houphouët-Boigny. With its gleaming skyscrapers,elegant casinos, world-class hotels, chic boutiques and outdoor cafes, the city billed itself as the safest and most desirable tourist destination in West Africa. Abidjan accounts for 60 per cent of the gross domestic profit in the country as a whole. The city is the main financial center of French West Africa. Sixteen national banks (SGBCI, BICI, etc.) maintaining a network of 170 branches, stock exchange, seven financial institutions and more than thirty insurance companies make a financial competitive Abidjan that animates the entire West Africa. Abidjan Transport Company has announced the start of work for the use of light rail to Abidjan. The project has three phases at a cost of $0.25 billion for a long loop of 32 km.

Abidjan is considered the cultural cross roads of Western Africa , and hosts various art and music festivals, including the International Jazz Festival of Abidjan, the Festival of Urban Dances, the International Comics Festival, International Comedy Festival and the The RTI Music Awards, among others. The night life in Abidjan is considered to be one of the liveliest in the whole of West Africa. Even after everything that’s happened, it still boasts a large selection of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, sites. In Abidjan there is also several scientific research institutes and universities.

The fair will give visitors the opportunity to meet directly with admission officers to discuss what courses, pathways and opportunities are available, as well as the general application and enrolment process. Visitors will include:
  • Parents/ guardians with their wards
  • Top secondary schools
  • Government officials in the education circle
  • Student with WAEC / NECO result
  • Researchers of Education Development
  • Entrepreneurs with training plans
  • Representatives of education funds
  • Graduates
  • General public etc.
  • Past Fairs