Join the largest fair in

Cairo - Egypt

19 FEBRUARY 2019

1 pm to 6 pm

InterContinental Cairo Citystars


WHEN & WHERE / 19 FEBRUARY 2019, InterContinental Cairo Citystars

Worldview Education Fair is dedicated to helping institutions recruit prospective international students from Egypt. This fair is open to all institutions worldwide, helping you meet and recruit a wide pool of quality potential students.

Many fairs and exhibitions focus only on recruiters from a specific country, thereby attracting a limited pool of students with predetermined interests in those specific study destinations. The Worldview Education Fair brings institutions from all around the world to one place; giving students more opportunities and options, thereby attracting a larger, more diverse pool of students. For recruiters, this exhibition provides an opportunity to improve their reach and brand awareness; marketing to a larger number of students and alongside some well-known institutions.

The Worldview Education Fair 2018 will take place at the InterContinental Cairo Citystars in Cairo, Egypt and is a one day event open to all institutions worldwide, drawing a larger pool of students by giving them several options to fit their price, location and course requirements. Students are encouraged to come with all the necessary documentation in order to allow them to make immediate applications to institutions.


Event & Location Day & Date Early Bird Rate (21 December 2018)  Standard Rate
Cairo Education Fair 19 FEBRUARY 2019 £1,649  £1,899 

The rates include the following package and entitlement

  • A table average on size L 120 cm X W 50 cm, electric extension, four chair and waste basket
  • Lunch and coffee break incl. hot and cold snacks during the education fair
  • Two representatives allowed per booth and provided free visa support letter
  • Recognition as fair participant in comprehensive marketing and promotion campaign
  • Listing and logo on all flyers, advertisements, banner, publication, etc.
  • Free exhibitor profile on the fair landing page
  • Sponsored & targeted   post on our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram “Save NOW 400 £ “
  • Customised e-newsletter sent to all registered students before and after the fair “Save NOW 250 £ “
  • Half-page, full-colour advertisement profile in the event guide “ SAVE NOW 300 £ “
  • Great News! Now you can earn rewards for each fair you participate in and you can use the points for any of Worldview services or fairs
InterContinental Cairo Citystars, Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Egypt

The nation of Egypt has been a cornerstone of the Arab world for millennia, since irrigation of the river Nile allowed vegetation to flourish and a civilization to expand. To this day it is a cultural hub, with people travelling from around the world for events such for the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, and nationwide annual celebrations on the Islamic holy festival of Eid.

Egypt’s capital Cairo is one of the most populous cities in the world, and is a center of great social and political significance. While a hot, arid climate can be found across the entirety of Egypt, the "heat circle" of buildings in Cairo has seen the capital hit temperatures of 47°C in the recent years. The University of Cairo has its main campus in Giza, on a site across the Nile and opposite the bustling city.
Egypt is also a nation with an unparalleled history, with an ancient civilization that arose in 3100BC and remained the dominant force in the Mediterranean until being conquered by Alexander The Great almost three millennia later. The Library of Alexandria was a global center of education during this period, and while the library was destroyed thousands of years ago, the University of Alexandria is today one of Egypt’s foremost institutions of higher learning.

As well as the faces of antiquity such as Cleopatra and Tutankhamen, modern Egypt is known for such figures as journalist Mona Eltahawy and Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Egypt’s education sector remains one of the region’s largest, with more than 20 million students enrolled, including more than two million at the university level. The country is the second most-popular student destination in the Arab world, after the United Arab Emirates, and a top 20 global destination, according to UNESCO figures.

UNESCO indicates that 16,217 Egyptian students studied abroad in 2012. While overall outbound numbers are modest they have grown significantly over the past several years, rising 25% from 2008 to 2010 and another 40% from 2010 to 2012.

Fair to say too that the events of the Arab Spring and subsequent instability have unsurprisingly created more intense interest in study abroad opportunities among the local population. Some data tracking this trend comes from World Education Services (WES), which noted a 41% increase in 2012 in applications for programmes in US institutions when compared to the previous year.
Another indicator comes from the Carnegie Endowment, which revealed in November 2013 that 80% of Egyptian students wished to emigrate from the country. The report does not specify a desire for international studies as a specific impetus, however it does cite student distrust of deteriorating and non-democratic state institutions, of which schools and universities are certainly a part.
Oxford Journals also published a poll indicating that 85.7% of Egyptian medical undergraduates at Ain Shams University intended to leave the country after graduation. Most described their reasons as related to research and employment opportunities, but such a high percentage of aspiring leavers among the ranks of future professionals is nonetheless notable.

All of the above data offers strong indications that agents and educational institutions working in Egypt will find a high level of eagerness for study abroad opportunities. And with Egyptian tuition fees at private universities for the 2014/15 academic year increasing anywhere from 50% to 90%, according to a survey by the Egyptian newspaper Youm7, international study is likely to look even more attractive. Egyptians who travel abroad for university have a strong preference for study in nearby Arab nations, but also show strong migration patterns to the US and Europe. The following chart shows the most popular, recent destinations for tertiary students.

The Egyptian government’s ambitious plans to expand and improve the higher education system will no doubt bear on the demand for study abroad in the years ahead. For the moment, the available data, and more recent anecdotal reports and surveys, all point to growing interest in international study and improved prospects for the recruitment of Egyptian students.

At the same time, foreign providers have begun to play more of a role in strengthening Egypt’s domestic system. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided multi-year funding to advance STEM training, and more recently Egypt and South Korea have reached an agreement to establish a Korean university in Egypt, with an initial focus on engineering, information technology, and professional training.

A 2013 market report from UK Trade & Investment points to additional opportunities for foreign providers, particularly in the areas of vocational training, corporate training, and English language instruction.

“With multinational corporations expanding their operations within Egypt – and more and more Egyptian companies becoming regionally and even globally competitive – the need has never been greater for highly skilled labor, including technicians, engineers and fluent foreign-language speakers,” says the report. “English is increasingly the business language of Egypt and is a core skill in the large tourism sector. This is a competitive market with many existing suppliers, but demand will continue to grow.”
The fair will give visitors the opportunity to meet directly with admission officers to discuss what courses, pathways and opportunities are available, as well as the general application and enrolment process. Visitors will include:
  • Parents/ guardians with their wards
  • Top secondary schools and schools counselor
  • Government officials in the education circle
  • Student with Thanaweya Amma/ Grade 12
  • Researchers of Education Development
  • Entrepreneurs with training plans
  • Representatives of education funds
  • Graduates
  • General public etc.
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