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About Worldview

Worldview is recognised as the Africa’s focused, recruitment fairs organiser. Established by an African in 2004, Worldview have helped over 500 institutions around the world to reach and recruit students from Africa and have helped thousands of students in the region to achieve their dream of study abroad.

It all started when education providers from different countries started to see student applying from Africa organically without doing any marketing there. The smart institution started thinking Africa could be a very good market if they actively market themselves in the region but the challenge then was which company, they could trust to take them to the region safely and that will ensure their trip to the region is productive.

We concentrate 100% on Africa and know the region so well, unlike every other recruitment fair organiser that organises fairs in every region. The founder philosophy is ‘what is what doing, is what doing well’ and this has been proven many times by having 90% of our previous exhibitors returning back to our fairs year after year.

Today we offer a variety of solutions to ensure education providers that decided to join one of our fairs get a good return on their investment. Through our local offices in the region, we ensure they market individual institution prior to the event and through our parent company www.findadmission.com , we offer a follow up services so as to ensure that the student you met are converted.

Our extensive network of partners and clients in the region include universities, language schools, post-secondary colleges, pathway providers, international schools, boarding schools, government associations and educational agencies which we don’t think any of our competitors can build overnight.


Our approach is different because we have local knowledge and know what works in the region when it come to education marketing. We have different platforms that students in the region use all year round and this gives us the opportunity to become the largest data warehouse. We don’t fully rely on our student database but we also do the following to ensure we have a successful event:

Digital marketing

Our Google and social media marketing team works around the clock to create, launch and manage customized online campaigns that directly reflect the institutions and countries exhibiting at each fair. We ask all students attending our recruitment fairs to pre-register in order to control the quality of attendees and ensure that you can access their data during the fair by using our student app.

On campus promotions

With more than 12 years of experience, we have built long-term relationships with an extensive, global network of principals, student advisors, counselors and student representatives at leading universities, private and international high schools. This on-the-ground network help us promote our events and distribute invitations to our fairs in 23 cities around the world.

Religion houses

Our local staff in Africa visit different religion houses to distribute flyers and have a chance to speak to parents and prospective students about our events.

Local newspaper

Even though a lot of people don’t believe in the traditional newspaper anymore, we still use them in promoting our event because it helps us reach those that we couldn’t reach digitally and also government bodies and parents of prospective students

Study Abroad Exhibitions and Fairs

Worldview is an innovative fast-growing company organising quality student recruitment fairs in Africa and helping education providers meet their student recruitment needs in the region.

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