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About Worldview

Worldview is more than happy to expand its operations all over the world. Wherever you are, you can rely on Worldview as your go-to student recruitment fairs organiser. The company was founded in 2004 and has already helped more than 500 institutions around the world recruit international students and has given students far and wide the key to their dream of exploring international studies.

Exhibitors get in touch with us year after year to help them reach their core objectives. Our goal is to be the institutions’ strongest asset to continuing and fortifying their businesses. We don’t just organize global evens; we make sure that each event drives fast and high ROI through our robust follow-up services. This increases conversion rates big time. We also don’t just reach and engage multiple institutions and students—we make sure we’re connecting you to the right ones.

Worldview has made it all possible with its extensive and strong network of clientele and partners including language schools, universities, post-secondary colleges, pathway providers, boarding schools, international institutions, government associations, educational organizations, and more. Our experience and standing is strong and deep, and our goal is for all institutions, parents, and students to make the most of our expertise.


Event after event, we become stronger and wiser, and it all just gets better. We incorporate various strategies to make it all work. We reach students in a manner that spells success.

Online marketing

Our team is backed by seasoned social media and search engine experts who work day in and day out to formulate, launch, and monitor customized campaigns online. We carefully keep in mind the institutions and the countries involved and make each fair the best representation of its stakeholders. Participating students pre-register for us to screen the caliber of the attendees accordingly. Institutions can access such data during the fair using our trusty student app. With our strong expertise in digital marketing and our systematic approach to each step of the way, reaching the right audience is simply seamless.

On campus advertising

We have over a decade of experience in the industry. Our long-term partnerships with an international network of counselors, principals, student advisors, and student representatives in top-notch universities and international high schools make us a strong contender in the global student recruitment space. With such an extensive network, we are confident to make our on-campus promotions effective and effortless.

Religion Houses

Our local staff visits even religion houses to distribute flyers and brochures and grab the chance to speak to both parents and prospective students about our upcoming events. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and we see to it that we respectfully approach our marketing methods with the intent to spread helpful awareness and add value wherever we go.

Local newspaper

Some people may no longer believe that traditional newspaper would still possibly work. However, we believe that local newspaper can still be a great way to reach stakeholders that may not be always present digitally such as certain government bodies and parents of prospective students. We also strive to devise the most holistic strategy and thus we don’t overlook even the long-established methods that can still be well relevant.

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Worldview is all about innovation, and it focuses on helping educational institutions all over the world organize the best international student recruitment fairs and more.

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